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profit gym may have to close its doors,
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It been providing a safe place for community youth for the last year and a half, but the Underground Gym on Henderson Highway may close its doors at the end of October due to a lack of funding.

The gym at 251 Henderson Hwy. is open free of charge for area kids. More than 300 kids are signed up to use the facility.

“There will be a big impact if it closes, a lot of kids love this place. They come here for a place to not be harassed and to learn boxing,
cards against humanities, it keeps them off the street.”

Ricky Olson,
cards agianst humanity, who has been going to the gym for over a year, said if the gym closes it will be hard to find another one he can attend.

“If it closes I don know what I going to do, find another gym I guess,
cards against humanity card game, but this one offers free stuff,” said 20 year old Olson.

“It will be a financial issue.”

A city spokesperson said a community incentive grant was provided to the gym earlier this year to help with costs of operation.

“On April 25, 2012, council approved a one time community incentive grant contribution in the amount of $17,000 to operate the Underground Gym,” Michelle Bailey said.

“The funding is in place until the Underground Gym no longer requires it or until there are no more funds remaining. The funding does not expire on a certain date.”

Johnson said there is a petition being circulated that has over 300 signatures, and the gym is planning a fundraising concert, at which kids from the gym will perform.

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